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At Homz, we have an excellent understanding of Use Class Conversion planning policies and extensive experience across a broad range of Change of Use Planning Applications and Licences all throughout the UK.

Whether you’re converting Commercial Buildings into Residential Units, HMO’s, Care Homes, Converting Houses into Multiple Flats, Converting Agricultural structures into Residential Units, or Adapting Houses into Holiday Lets; the process of changing the use application requires a solid understanding of the UK’s planning regulations and guidelines. Homz has the experts can help you on your planning application.

How to Apply for a Change of Use Planning Permission? (2024 Edit)

Our Senior Chartered Town Planners and Architects offer success proven planning and design services for all type of Change of Use applications.

Change of Use applications are subject to specific planning regulations and guidelines in the UK. The government has established different use classes that define the permitted uses of properties. It is essential to comprehend these use classes and how they impact change of use applications.

From Class A (Shops) to Class F2 (Local community) each class has its own set of rules and requirements, which must be considered before embarking on a change of use project. Homz is your one-stop solution partner for all planning consents and licenses for C3 to C4 Conversions, Care Home Conversions, Conversions to Flats, and HMO Conversions in the UK.

Depending on what you are planning to do, in addition to looking great, your project may also require some kind of planning permission. The good news is that at Homz we have expert planning consultants and architects making sure that your project meets all of the necessary planning criteria to ensure planning consent.

Our Town Planners are here to provide you with Pre-Planning Advice on whether you need planning permission or not. Feel free to Contact Us with your enquiries and our expert team will get in touch with a FREE No Obligation Chat regarding your project.

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Our Success Proven Planning Process Towards to Getting Planning Consent in Change of Use Applications

1. Get Your Planning Advice for Your Project

Every client would like to know if their application would be successful before spending their budget on planning the application. Our chartered planners will review your project, examine the relevant planning policies, and analyse the relevant planning history to provide you with Pre-Planning Advice. You can easily book your call with one of our chartered planners on the same day! Following your call, your planner will conduct the Planning Appraisal Report which will include all the answers in only 2 working days.

2. Application Preparation and Submission

Making a planning application might be risky, and it becomes riskier the less you’re prepared for it. Preparing a comprehensive application that includes relevant forms, supporting documents, and plans, ensuring compliance with local authority guidelines. Our Change of Use architects and town planners will provide you with drawings and supporting statements with correct technical information, which are prerequisites to getting permission.

3. Our Change of Use Experts Will Manage Your Application

While each Change of Use project presents unique challenges, with careful planning, research, and professional guidance, property owners can get the most profit from their projects. Our Chartered Town Planning Consultants at Homz have full knowledge of the ever-changing planning policies that any project will be subject to. So, their help could be indispensable — especially if your project is in a designated area which carries restrictions such as a Conservation Area or AONB.

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Things To Know About Change of Use Application Process in the UK

Our Change of Use Planners are here to provide you Pre-Planning Advice on whether you need a planning permission or not. Feel free to Contact Us with your enquiries and our expert team will get in touch with a FREE No Obligation Chat regarding your project.

Types of Change of Use Projects

Change of use projects in the UK can encompass a wide range of scenarios. Let’s explore some common types of projects that frequently require change of use permissions:

a. Commercial to Residential Conversion: Converting commercial spaces, such as offices, warehouses, or shops, into residential dwellings to address the growing demand for housing.

b. Residential to Commercial Conversion: Converting houses into HMO’s (House in multiple occupations), Care Homes, Conversion to Flats.

c. Agricultural to Commercial/Residential Conversion: Transforming agricultural buildings into commercial spaces or residential units, fostering economic growth in rural areas.

d. Office to Residential Conversion: Repurposing office spaces into multiple flats or shared accommodations like HMOs.

e. Industrial to Leisure Conversion: Converting disused industrial facilities into recreational or entertainment venues, revitalising communities and providing new leisure opportunities.

Change of Use Classes

The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended) puts uses of land and buildings into various categories known as ‘Use Classes’. It is generally the case that you will need Planning Permission to change from one use class to another, although there are many exceptions which are referred to as ‘Permitted Changes’, allowing some changes between uses. Commercial to residential conversion permitted development rules are quite intricate so it’s always good to have a professional’s opinion before you proceed with the application. We offer a Pre-Planning Advice service at Homz, where our Town Planners provide informed planning advice on your project.

The general principle is that a use can change if it does not have the potential for greater detriment to the public, or to neighbouring uses. For example, A3, (restaurant) uses can change to A1, (shop) use without the need for planning permission. However, if you are proposing to change the use of property or land, you should always seek advice from a planning consultant or your Council to confirm whether planning permission is required or not. In any event, you may wish to have documentary evidence of the change and you can achieve this via a ‘Certificate of Lawfulness’, which provide assurance that the new use will be free from the threat of planning enforcement.

Before you negotiate a lease or buy a property, it may be advisable to consider whether you need to obtain planning permission for your intended use and, if so, your chances of getting planning approval for it.

Use Class B – Business that serves people

B1 – Business (Offices and Research and Development)

B2 – General Industrial
B8 – Storage and Distribution

Use Class C – Locations where people sleep

C1 – Hotels
C2 – Residential Institutions (care homes, hospitals, nursing homes, boarding schools, residential colleges and training centres)
C2A – Secure residential institutions
C3 – Dwellinghouse
C4 – HMOs

Use Class E – Commercial, Business and Service

Various uses from shops, offices, restaurants, light industrial, and much more

Use Class F1 – Learning and non-residential institutions

Schools, galleries, museums and more

Use Class F2 – Local community uses

Local Community uses

Class Q – Barns and Agricultural buildings 

Sui Generis 

If it isn’t in one of the use classes above, then it is under Sui Generis.

Case Study 01: Planning Permission for Change of Use From Single Dwellinghouse C3 to Care Home C2 in London Borough of Waltham Forest

The client instructed Homz to provide Planning Consultancy on their property for a Change of Use from C3 (Dwellinghouse) to C2 (Care Home) in London Borough of Waltham Forest. Initially one of our Senior Town Planner has conducted a research within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to understand local policies, property planning background, and as to whether the local planning authority is applying any constraints on the property.

Care Home Policies

Government policy is to reduce the use of out-of-borough placements and residential care. Under the Section 22 of the Children Act 1989, accommodation provided by local authorities for looked after children must be within the local authority’s area unless this is not reasonably practicable. This proposed change of use from a dwelling house to a Care Home conversion requires planning consent. While planning approval will be required, we do believe that the site location should benefit from a reasonable – strong likelihood of success in terms of securing the necessary planning consent from an Care Home C2 Conversion Planning Permission.

The property is well equipped and laid out to provide a high standard of living arrangements that can provide the children with independence but at the same time, the children have the safety net and benefits of staff care and support available 24/7 as needed within the property.

After the planning appraisal, our Architects and Town Planners prepared the supporting documents Architectural Plans, and Planning Statements. Please see the plans of this project in our Portfolio. Our team has successfully submitted and managed the planning application with the council. Following the waiting period of the decision, Homz has scored another successful Approval for this planning application on behalf of our client.

How Much Does Change of Use Planning Permission Cost?

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