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Are you looking for Planning Consultants Near You, then look no further! Planning applications in the UK can be a complicated and overwhelming process, with various aspects to consider. At Homz, we understand the difficulties of the planning application process and provide professional Pre-Planning Advice to guide you through it.
Have your received a Planning Enforcement Notice? Our Town Planners can help you with that. Whether you’re planning a Refurbishment, Extension, or New Build project, we can provide tailored planning advice and support to help you navigate the planning application process. So why struggle through the complexities of planning applications on your own? Contact Homz today to find out how we can help.

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Our team of Chartered Town Planners has provided their expertise to thousands of clients over the years and we’ve identified that many of our clients share similar concerns when it comes to planning applications.

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We know that it’s crucial to have answers to your concerns early on before moving forward with your project and so to ensure a smooth planning and construction process. We offer comprehensive planning consultancy across the UK. Our team can provide you with the solid answers you need to make informed decisions and avoid any potential planning and legal issues down the line.

With our Planning Appraisal service, we can help simplify the process and ensure that your planning application is successful. If you are wondering how much is a planning application, you can also check our Planning Cost Calculator to get your answers.

  • How much does a planning permission cost?
  • What is the likelihood of success to get planning approval?
  • Does Does my project fall under Permitted Development Rules?
  • Does my project need planning permission?
  • What’s required for planning permission and how long will it take to get one?
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If you have questions about your application, our highly rated 4-Steps Planning Appraisal service is best for you. Contact Us with your enquiries and our expert team will get in touch to initiate your appraisal enquiry.

1. Enquire Us With Your Project

Let’s have an initial Free No Obligation Chat and to review your project objectives and identify the most suitable roadmap for your planning application and refurbishment plans.

2. Planning Research (approx. 2 Hours)

Homz Chartered Town Planner will need to conduct a research within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to understand whether the local planning authority are applying any constraints on your property. The planner will also search for any evidence that could support your application or that could see it rejected.

3. Phone Consultation (approx. 30 min)

After this initial research has been complete our planner will provide you with a Phone Consultation to discuss what can be built in terms of appearance and size, if planning is required, if so, which application is required and what is the best planning strategy.

4. Planning Appraisal Report

Once you had your consultation call with your appointed town planner, we’ll send you a Planning Appraisal Report customised to your site, project and planning application with the likelihood of success, required planning application and accurate Quotation for a successful planning application.

We can Help With Breach of Planning Permissions. What Is The Next Step?

Contact us and we’ll give you a call-back in the SAME DAY! Our expert town planners can advise you on the feasibility of your project and provide you with the right project costs with no hidden fees.

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Local Planning Consultancy In Your Area

Have you already tried contacting the local council and realised that it’s taking forever the paperwork before considering your proposal? The council’s pre-application enquiries will take 4-8 weeks to arrive, not to worry because we have simplified this process for you. While here at Homz, you can easily book your call with one of our chartered town planners in the same day!

Following your call, your planner will conduct the Pre-Planning Appraisal Report which will include all the answers in only 2 working days. Our chartered planners will review your project, examine the relevant planning policies, and analyse the relevant planning history before they send the Planning Appraisal Report back to you. We’re known for our simplified and streamlined Planning Applications in the UK.

Work with Our Chartered Town Planners

Pre-Planning Advice you require will need to conducted on the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). You will need to understand whether the local planning authority are applying any constraints on your property (e.g. section 106, article 4 direction, potential neighbouring objections). The planner will then search for any evidence that could support your application or that could see it rejected (e.g. planning history of the area and planning policies.).
All our reports are customised to our clients’ brief, site and council policies.

Get Your Facts Right Before You Invest

Planning approvals and rejections in your local area can serve as indicators of the feasibility of your project. At Homz, our Town Planners thoroughly examine all constraints and limitations that may affect your project’s success. This includes assessing whether your permitted development rights are at risk or if securing planning approval may be challenging.

You can also go to our Cost Calculator to get your Planning Consultancy costs together with the Architectural Planning and Design costs for your project. Our experts are happy to provide a Free No-Obligation Discovery Chat to discuss the next steps with you.

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Case Study 01: Planning Appraisal for Change of Use From Single Dwellinghouse C3 to HMO C4 in Conservation Area

The client instructed Homz to provide feasibility on their property for a Change of Use from C3 (Dwellinghouse) to C4 (HMO) in London Borough of Brent. Our Senior Town Planner has conducted research within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to understand whether the local planning authority is applying any constraints on your property.

Changes of use from single dwellings to HMOs up to 6 beds, can often be conducted under Permitted Development however throughout Brent, the planning department has implemented Article 4 directions which means that any proposed change of use from a dwelling to an HMO requires planning consent.

While planning approval will be required, we do not believe that the site location should benefit from a reasonable – strong likelihood of success in terms of securing the necessary planning consent.

As per the council’s public planning database, the surrounding area has a positive planning history regarding planning applications related to extension and alteration works including loft conversions. This should facilitate a strong precedent for development, further promoting the feasibility and overall likelihood of success. This includes applications for HMOs in the area which have also secured planning approval. 

After the planning appraisal, our Architects and Town Planners prepared the supporting documents Architectural Plans, and Planning Statements. Please see the plans of this project in our Portfolio. Our team has successfully submitted and managed the planning application with the council. Following the waiting period of the decision, Homz has scored another successful Approval for this planning application on behalf of our client.

Likelihood of Success: Provided that an appropriate application is lodged, this proposal should benefit from a reasonable – strong likelihood of success provided that an appropriate application is lodged to the Planning Authority. 

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