At Homz, we love designing homes! We provide space planning studies to make your home plans with a better performance.

Space planning is a process that takes several steps, and it’s an important component for the work of interior designers and architects. Space planning helps ensure efficient use of floor space without wasting it.

From a home design point of view, it is beneficial to not only know how big, small or tall a room should be but also understanding how to use the space to its maximum potential. By placing furniture in its best positions or suggesting structural changes, however small, can transform a dysfunctional area into a usable space.

What Does Space Planning Mean?

It is not only a process of understanding how to organise furniture within a space, effectively, it also examines flow, usage, building regulations, height, proportion and structure – all evaluated to assess relationships to one another, making the space comfortable for the end user. It is a fundamental element of interior design, and one of the first to be examined in the early stages of a project.

There is also pre-planning for extensions and new builds, working along side architects to give broader scope for tailor-made spaces facilitating better levels of living. Utilising better storage areas and improving the overall space performance is the main target in the Space Planning.

And Why Is It Important?

Better Space Planning = More Storage

You may be planning a new build, indecisive about an existing area or room, or just too busy with life that you need a little assistance. Let’s be honest; you may have had a new extension built that is so big you merely do not know how to plan the space! With a good space planning you’ll have more storage spaces as well.

Homz Expertise in Home Spaces

The smallest of changes can make the most impact practically, aesthetically and time budget friendly, more than you could ever achieve without just a little guidance. We are here to assist by evaluating your project, liaising with architects, preparing basic or more concise plans, elevations and 3D perspectives.

Cohesive Layout – Usable Spaces

Without effective space planning, projects or entire homes and buildings can lack a cohesive sense of form and function that makes them attractive and usable. Functional spaces can be over-decorated, which is a common error without proper space planning. At Homz, we have in house interior designers to get the best out of your home space!

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