Permitted development rights allow certain building works and changes of use to be carried out without the need for a full planning application.

Some types of permitted development allow people to extend their home, while others allow for the change of one use to another. There is often a requirement for ‘prior approval’ for development carried out under permitted development.

Because of their technical nature, it can be hard to navigate what does and doesn’t sit within this scheme. That’s why having an expert on board is such a blessing.

Permitted Development Checklist

There are many things that can be done under permitted development and do not require planning permission. However this is only providing they meet all of the necessary planning criteria and there are no hidden constraints that limit or remove permitted development rights.

  • Extensions
  • Loft Conversions
  • Garage Conversions
  • Outbuildings / Conservatories
  • Change of Use
  • House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO)
  • Driveways / Hardstandings
  • Walls / Fences / Gates & Access

Things to Avoid Under Permitted Development

What are Your Permitted Development Rights?

It is very important to note that every project type has different planning and design criteria that must be met in order to be considered permitted development. In addition to this there can be hidden constraints which remove permitted development rights. This literally means there could be two houses in the same town both doing the exactly the same development, such as a 3-meter extension for example.  One could be permitted development, while the other needs planning permission, even though they both meet the criteria for permitted development.

Common Mistakes with the PD

Unfortunately, we deal with a lot of clients who thought what they were doing was permitted development and got it wrong. If the council determines planning permission is required for something you have already done, you would receive an enforcement giving you 28 days to secure approval or put the property back to its original state. If you built something this would mean demolishing it.

We Have Permitted Development Experts

We can and do help lots of clients with retrospective planning applications and we will always do our best to achieve a positive outcome. However, we can never guarantee planning approval and especially if there is an enforcement as this likely means there are neighbours objecting.

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