Need a Planning Permission for Your New Build Project?

When considering any new development, one of the most exciting element is the architectural design. After all, whether your investment is a Single Family House or something larger like a Masterplan for Housing Units, you want it to look great. You might have a clear vision in mind of what you want it to look like or need a little inspiration and guidance, our architects will help you achieve your ideal design. After all, we’ve proven success of 90% at winning New Build approvals.

What Does It Take To Get Your Dream Home To Be Built?

The New Build process in the UK involves navigating the planning system, adhering to regulations, and obtaining necessary permissions. Understanding the key steps involved can greatly facilitate a successful project. Depending on what you are planning to do, in addition to looking great your project may also require some kind of planning permission.

When you get planning permission, the local authority grants you the rights to build a certain property of a certain size on your plot. In order to obtain a desirable planning permission for a new build house, you’ll need to submit a planning application with the help of professionals.

The good news is that at Homz also have town planning consultants who teams up with our architects to make sure that your design not only looks great but it also meets all of the necessary planning criteria.

Our Town Planners are here to provide you Pre-Planning Advice on whether you need a planning permission or not. Feel free to Contact Us with your enquiries and our expert team will get in touch with a FREE No Obligation Chat regarding your project.

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How To Get Planning Permission For a New Build or Self Build House?

House Renovation Cost

Is Your Project Feasible?

Our chartered planners will review your project, examine the relevant planning policies, and analyse the relevant planning history to provide you a Pre-Planning Advice. You can easily book your call with one of our chartered planners in the same day! Following your call, your planner will conduct the Pre-Planning Appraisal Report which will include all the answers in only 2 working days.

Our Designers Will Draw Up The Plans

Making a planning application is a risky, and it becomes riskier the less you’re prepared for it. This is because accurate drawings with correct technical information are a prerequisite to both getting permission and being able to build what you get permission for.

We can also advise you on which materials and design styles to use to increase the chances of a successful application. With our skilled in-house architects, you can achieve your goals while meeting the standards of your council. And most importantly, you’ll save money when compared to other architects!

Our Chartered Town Planners Will Manage Your Application

We have experience submitting applications to your local planning authority and inform you of any relevant restrictions and opportunities in the neighbourhood.

Our Chartered Town Planning Consultants at Homz have full knowledge of the ever-changing planning policies that any project will be subject to. So, their help could be indispensable — especially if your project is in a designated area of which carries restrictions such as a Conservation Area or AONB.

Looking to Develop More Than One House?

If you are building more than one new-build house, the basis of the decision about your application will be the same, but on a larger scale. As a developer, you should definitely seek the assistance of a skilled architect, as the costs are higher and the risks are even greater. Make sure you understand all there is to know about how to get planning permission for a new-build house on a large scale before you submit an application.

Our in-house architects can provide Masterplan Designs for Multiple Housing Unit Projects; we pride ourselves with our 90% Success of Approval in Masterplan Pre-Apps!