Do You Need Architecture Planning Drawings for Your Planning Application?

Considering a new planning application and searching for an architect to do the planning drawings? From the masterplan of a new housing project to extensions; there are so many pivotal aspects in securing planning permission to consider before making an application. Whether it’s a modest extension like a porch or a bigger-scale project like a residential or commercial development, the aspiration is always the same: to create something aesthetically captivating and to comply with the council’s criteria.

Homz Architects will take your ideas from scratch and realise your dreams and development goals with all the Architectural and 3D Visualisations tools.

What does it take to get your dream home to be built?

Let’s talk about your project; we’ll help you achieve your architectural goals and guide you through the planning policies. At Homz, we have planning consultants who can work with our architects to create your dream project that will tick all the boxes to meet all the relevant planning policies and regulatory criteria to secure your planning permission. Our team will prepare planning drawings that will comply with your council’s planning and space standards.

Obtaining planning permission can seem like a complicated task, but at Homz we can manage the Planning and Architecture side of things for you. We’ve gained thousands of permissions in the past 10 years, so our knowledge and expertise means we are best placed to help you secure the permission you need.

Our Town Planners are here to provide you Pre-Planning Advice on whether you need a planning permission or not. Feel free to Contact Us with your enquiries and our expert team will get in touch with a FREE No Obligation Chat regarding your project.

How Can Homz Assist You With Your Architectural Project?

Getting A Planning Permission For a New Build or Self Build House

Securing planning permission entails the local authority conferring upon you the authorisation to construct a specific property of defined dimensions on a designated plot. To obtain planning permission for a new house construction, it requires the submission of a planning application, typically facilitated by accredited architects and planning consultants.

Are You Looking to Develop More Than One House?

When undertaking the construction of multiple new-build houses, the fundamental principles governing your application remain consistent, albeit on a larger scope. Our Homz architects have special design skills when it comes to Urban Design and Masterplan Designing. Given the heightened expenses and amplified risks involved, developers embarking on such projects should engage the services of an experienced architect,. It is essential to gain a comprehensive understanding of the constraints in obtaining planning permission for large-scale new-build housing projects before proceeding with your application.

Road to Success in New Build Permissions

Our chartered town planners have the relevant experience in submitting a New Build Planning Permission to your local planning authority. We will review your project, examine the relevant planning policies, and analyse the relevant planning history to inform you of any relevant restrictions and opportunities in the neighbourhood. with the Pre-Planning Advice. You can easily book your call with one of our chartered planners in the same day! Following your call, your planner will conduct the Pre-Planning Appraisal Report which will include all the answers in only 2 working days.

What Other Type of Projects We’re Specialised On?

We have submitted more than 2000 projects so far in the UK. Whether you want an Extension or New build, our expert designers and town planners have an experience for all type of projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Straightforward answers to some of our most popularly asked questions.

Some providers, including architects, charge as much as four times more. Because we specialise in loft conversions and extensions, we can complete more quality projects at the same time.

We accept all major debit cards, credit cards and bank transfers.

Yes. We will prepare all the necessary information and drawings required for your project and submit your application to your local council as your agent. You will be liable for the fee, which you will have to pay directly to your local authority.

As your agent, we will liaise with the council on your behalf with any queries or requests that they have.

There’s no legal requirement to have an architect by your side. However, for any major project, such as extension, extensive renovation, or new build, an architect can help you get the most out of your project, ensure it meets all legal requirements, advise on budgets and contractors, plus much more.
Learn more about the benefits of architects by booking a FREE consultation here.

Providing Measurements

Quite easily actually! We’ve been doing this since 2019 and have completed THOUSANDS of perfectly accurate drawing sets. We are basically offering clients a cost-saving process if they are happy to do this bit themselves.

As we’re using official OS Maps to produce the drawings, we have accurate measuruments of your house already. The existing property does not need planning permission and we can get the exact measurements for existing property online.

For anything not yet built there is nothing to see or measure, we can only draw what you ask for.

All we need are basic lengths of each room and also the floor-to-ceiling height on each storey.

If you are building a loft conversion, we will also ask for the tallest internal measurement of the roof space (ie. top of ceiling joist to bottom of ridge board).
The floor plan layouts you send just need to include simple lines with numbers along to represent these and also the stair location on each floor and door position for each room.

If you were to provide any incorrect measurements, we would actually notice immediately during the drafting process. Everything is drawn to scale so assuming most of the dimensions provided are accurate, we could theoretically tell YOU the correct measurement as opposed to the other way around.

There is no guess work at any point. It’s just simple maths.
Note – for the purposes of Planning or Building Regulations drawings, the drawings don’t need to be millimetre perfect. Measurements to the closest 5cm are fine.

No, not at all. The floor plans and photos you provide are ample information to produce detailed Building Control drawings too.

Yes! We do not provide calculations ourselves but we have worked very closely with an online Engineering firm for over a decade now. We’ll introduce you to them at the necessary time. These Engineers will use a combination of our drawings, your photographs and even ‘virtual’ site visits if required.

No. There are actually some quite nifty shortcuts you can use to get your floor plan layouts over to us.

1. Estate Agents – Almost all properties have their floor plans measured and drawn to scale as part of the sales process nowadays. You may be able to find an online record of these on Rightmove (or similar) or by Googling your address. Please just make sure you carefully check the layout and the room sizes for accuracy before uploading them.


2. Previous Planning Applications – Every Local Authority has an Online Planning Register with every historic Planning Application available for public viewing. If you search your address on the Register, you will be able to download any previous Architect’s plans that were produced for your house. The plans are publicly available and we will only be scaling measurements off them so there is no breach of Copyright with the previous draftsperson.


3. Neighbours drawings – Has your neighbour done an extension and you want one too? It’s very common for two semi-detached houses to have the exact same floor plan layout. You can actually use either of the methods above for one of your neighbours houses. All you need to do is thoroughly check the room sizes and overall layout for accuracy before sending it over. We will only use their plans for scaling while we produce an entirely new set of plans for you.


4. Developers Plans – If you live in a relatively new housing estate there is a good chance your house was built from a catalogue of options that the developer has replicated in many locations. Often, these catalogue-style house layouts are available online. Or are sometimes provided as part of the sales particulars. Just check the house was built exactly as per the plan and send it over to us!

Planning Permission Plans and Drawings

We will purchase an Ordnance Survey map of your property, complete all the drawings. Then fill in all your Planning Application forms, prepare all the relevant documentation and submit them to your council for checking, logging ourselves as ‘Agent’. We will then send you instructions of how to pay your application fee directly to the council. During the consideration process, we will chase up the council. This ensures a decision is reached promptly and will communicate everything to you along the way.

Architects charge what seems like a lot of money for their drawings but in reality, you are not only paying for their drafting time. Architects spend time speaking with you on the phone, then at your house, then measuring your property and taking survey notes, drawing sketches and taking photos. They will then spend considerable time producing different designs and then ‘back-and-forthing’ with you to reach a final architectural design for planning drawings. Once drafted, they will then submit the planning permission drawings for planning approval and building regulations approval. They may also then project manage the build on site and liaise with the contractor to ensure everything gets built as per the plans.

1) Can measure or have already measured their house
2) Have photographs of their house
3) Know exactly what extension design or loft conversion design they want
4) Are happy to find a builder themselves and keep an eye on the work themselves once the build starts

We do not manage your build on-site and we do not spend hours meeting you for cups of tea to discuss your project. We spend our days rapidly producing planning and building regulations drawings online. As soon as our clients say they are 100% happy with their architectural plans, we submit them for Planning Permission or Permitted Development Approval. Once Planning Permission or the Lawful Development Certificate is received, if required, we upgrade their drawings to include all Building Regulations section drawings and specifications. Once you have your final drawings and then we leave you to do the rest! As our days are entirely focused on producing plans and drawings, we can often complete them in less than a week.

YES. The online planning drawings you receive from us will be exactly the same as the planning permission drawings you can get from your local Architect. The only difference will be that the online planning drawings you get from us will arrive faster and will be much, much cheaper.

Here! We’re here to provide a hand with our professional pre-planning assistance. As Homz, we realise that given the complexity of the planning application process, most of our clients will only consider applying once or twice in their lifetimes.