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Beatrice Y. Sahin

Architectural Design

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We’re the fastest-growing, award-winning planning and design company in the UK. We’re known to provide quick and bespoke planning planning services to our clients. Hence we have many property developers, HMO investors and hundreds of homeowners who choose to work with us on a repeat basis!

Are you looking to plan and design your development or refurbishment project? Look no further! Our team of local experts is here to provide tailored planning and design services that perfectly fit your unique needs and preferences. So why wait? Let’s get started on bringing your vision to life! Just fill up our Contact Us form and let our online Advisors guide you through the process Step-By-Step. 

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This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring our clients the most amazing projects with planning success.

Dila Gokalp

Senior Architect & Town Planner – Founder

Having more than 20 years of experience in architecture and town planning, on both residential and commercial projects, Dila has an extensive background in the industry. She founded Homz in 2020, with a vision to modernise Planning Applications with a streamlined approach. In addition to her professional career, Dila teaches architectural design at multiple universities, including the University of East London. She holds a Master’s Degree in architecture and is currently working on her PhD in architecture.

Vincent Jones

Senior Town Planner

Vincent is a highly skilled town planner and he has extensive experience in a wide range of projects, including major residential, leisure and retail developments, mixed-use schemes, green belt and AONB projects, and small-scale residential developments. His expertise and knowledge make him a valuable asset to any planning team or project. When he is not working, Vincent enjoys spending time with his family hiking and taking nature photographs.

Beatrice Y. Sahin


Meet Beatrice, our amazing architectural designer! She has graduated with Honors Degree in Architecture and has been excelling in numerous projects ever since. She is an invaluable asset at the Homz architecture department, with her attention to detail and great sense of creativity. Her extensive expertise enables her to provide and resolve architectural drawings with ease, making her an essential part of our team. In her free time, Beatrice loves riding horse and participating in equestrian events.

Roslyn Cutt

Architectural Technician

Roslyn is a skilled architectural technician who takes pride in her work. She is known for producing drawings that meet her clients’ specifications precisely. Her designs are carefully crafted to meet the validation criteria set by councils, while also ensuring that her deadlines are met. Roslyn is a diligent professional who always ensures that she understands client brief in on go and her drawings are produced with accuracy. When not working, Roslyn has a passion for yoga and loves to attend yoga retreats in nature.

Nathan Hall

Senior Town Planner

Nathan is a highly experienced Town Planning professional who has spent the last two decades working on a diverse range of development projects, both residential and commercial. He has extensive expertise in planning developments, whether it be in a bustling urban area, serene countryside, conservation area or even an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Whether you are looking to build your dream home or a commercial space, Nathan is equipped to provide expert guidance and support to ensure your project is a success.

Iris Garcia

Town Planner

Everyone, say hello to Iris! She’s the star of our planning department and we couldn’t do it without her! Possessing a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from an RTPI accredited institution, she initiated her professional journey at Homz. She is currently enhancing her planning knowledge and skills by collaborating with our Town Planners to research and develop planning statements while striving towards obtaining her own chartered town planner status.

Nyra John

Senior Chartered Town Planner

Nyra is a Chartered Town Planner with industry experience in both public sector and private sector and thorough knowledge of all relevant planning legislation, policies and procedures. She has led on a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial planning applications including householders, changes of use, listed building consent, telecommunications and advertisement applications and subsequent Section 106 legal agreements. Nyra has worked with a variety of stakeholders in the process, providing planning advice on major developments to senior officers, developers and presenting at planning committee to members and the public. Nyra also has good knowledge of the appeal process, having been involved in appeals at all levels from written representations, hearings and inquiries.

Rachel Sousa

Senior Chartered Town Planner

Rachel possesses an RTPI accredited degree in town planning, and has been a planning officer in a couple of councils for over 12 years. Her expertise in the public sector encompasses residential, commercial schemes, and masterplanning, enabling her to manage planning applications for any development project proficiently. Rachel has extensive experience in dealing with pre-app, planning applications, and enforcements. Her vast experience makes her a valuable addition to our planning team.

David Gibson

Senior Town Planner

Here is David, one of our accomplished town planner with over 10 years of experience in this field. He has worked as a planning officer at 6 different councils and has consistently demonstrated his expertise in various types of development schemes such as householder, commercial, and major projects. David was promoted to the position of senior planning officer in 2019, where he has continued to excel in his role by providing valuable insights and guidance to his team and stakeholders.

Yucel Senturk

Site Surveyor – Architectural Technician

Say hi to Yucel! He graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor`s degree in Architecture. He enjoys working in different fields of architecture but with a passion in surveying and renovation of historical and residential buildings. Yucel conducts site surveys in/around London, and makes sure our architects have all they need from the site.

Wai Ng

Chartered Town Planner

Wai is a Chartered Town Planner and has worked on a wide range of projects including householder, residential, retail and commercial schemes in both urban and suburban context. His philosophy is to simplify the planning application process for everyone and provide comprehensive guidance to clients in obtaining planning permission.

Alexandra Fuller


Alexandra has years of experience in designing stunning householder developments, including new build houses, extensions, loft conversions, and garage conversions. She’s also worked on some of our larger commercial designs and has proven herself to be an expert in her craft. Alexandra is known for her excellent attention to detail and has a knack for nailing the design brief on the very first try. We’re so lucky to have her on our team!

Caroline Dobson


Caroline is our star! She is an exceptional customer service advisor who prioritises the interests of the customers above all else. Her strong grasp of the subject matter allows her to address general inquiries related to architectural design, planning permission, building regulations, and structural engineering calculations. Caroline is well-versed in non site-specific queries and can provide comprehensive answers to any Homz process related questions.

Ioannis Price

Marketing and Business Development

Ioannis is marketing and business development expert and he looks after our Trade Partnerships as well. He always has the brightest ideas when it comes business development and he’s known with his well-thought marketing strategies!

Julie A. Badiong

Customer Services

With a background in business administration and years of experience in various industries, including technology and marketing, Julie brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking to her work.

Tom Homz

AI Customer Service Advisor

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