A refurbishment project can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Even the projects where you do decide to pay someone to do all of the work can be difficult.

Well and there surely are unreliable builders, dodgy tradespeople and often unforeseen circumstances crop up that need your attention.

Any project would require certain numbers building specialists, contractors and traders to be invloved in the project. As Homz, we know this might be a little frustrating and we have project specialists to assist you.

When you Need A Specialist for Your Project…

Each project comes with its own challenges, sometimes you would need to appoint several experts and specialists for your development project. At Homz, we have quite an extensive directory for all kind of building specialists and experts. Contact Us if you need us to assist you with any of these services.

Structural Engineering Calculations and Drawings

Flood Risk Assessment

Transport Statements

Ecology Assessments

Hassle Free Planning Application Process For You

First Let’s Review Your Project

Before we provide you with the list of the building specialist and experts you’ll need in your project, we’ll need to review the scope of works. Once we full grasp the overall works, we’ll come back to you with the list of specialist you’d need in your project.

Then You’ll Receive The List of Specialists You Need

After our careful review, you’ll receive a list of vetted specialists, experts or contractors from our Directory of Building Experts. We have collected all these building experts in time and vetted them carefully through our special vetting process.

Ready To Appoint?

Once you’re ready to appoint, Homz will liaise you with the expert and assist you through the process. Our mission is to minimise the challenges of development projects, as we know many of our clients do this once or twice in their lifetime!

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