Change Of Use From Dwelling To Holiday Let – City of Doncaster Council

Project Description

The client appointed Homz with Change Of Use From Dwelling To Holiday Let in their property/garden/plot. After a thorough Pre-Planning Appraisal conducted by one of our chartered town planners, it was established that the project was feasible and it was advised to make an application for a Retrospective Planning Application. Our chartered architect prepared the necessary architectural drawings, which were subsequently approved by the client.

Following the approval of the architectural design, our chartered town planner created a design and access statement to justify the approval of the application to the council. With the client’s consent, the complete application was submitted. As a result, Retrospective Planning Application has now been approved for Change Of Use From Dwelling To Holiday Let.

Project Details

Project Type: Change of Use, Holiday Let
Application Type: Retrospective Planning Application
Location: City of Doncaster Council
Services: Design and Planning
Project Status: Approved

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